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Inner furnishings Profitable solutions for pharmacies!

You need the vigilance and the experience of an expert to be sure that the arrangement of the drug store helps ensure the success of your business.

We know that space dimensioning according to obsolete criteria may cut on your profits. When the rent is high and its weight in your income and expense account is significant, the use of each square meter is crucial.
Ianson executes space partitioning according to the laws regulating the pharmacy business (warehouse – minimum 10 m2, laboratory - minimum 10 m2 and the sales area - minimum 16 m2). To maximize the retail area, the Ianson specialists start dividing the total surface area from back to front towards the sales area which is the profit-making area in the pharmacy. The best solution that Ianson envisages for medicine storage is to use robust, self-supporting metal drawer modules as they occupy little space, but provide large storage volumes vertically.

Utility channelling is the art behind the beauty. In planning and executing utility channelling, Ianson beings with the accurate sizing of the power network and the balancing of current loads by phase and circuit in order to avoid overloads and failure of installations and devices. The heating and cooling system depends on the indoor circulating air volume, the number of partitions made, the circuit power, the number of access doors, furniture, etc. The lowest AC demand is one AC unit in the warehouse and 1 AC unit in the sales area.
The lighting system is comforting to the eye and for indoor activities, as well as power-saving. Ianson experts shall explain the lighting solutions to you – individual fluorescent neon lights, whether coffered or ceiling-built, built-in or applied spots or other systems. Ianson encourages most of all the use of state-of-the-art fixtures, LEDs and LED fittings.
Whether made of wood, layered wood or aluminium double-glazed windows with or without heat barrier and PVC structure, outdoor display windows provided by Ianson have large windows with little muntins in order to make the pharmacy well visible from outside. In regard of display windows, Ianson recommends large ‘curtain wall’ aluminium windows.

Ianson is here to ensure the perfect balance between creativity, functionality and costs. Each Ianson pharmacy has its own design which highlights its personality and gives it a competitive edge. A creative and functional interior design suggests professionalism and inspires trust.
With our vast experience, we can transform any space into a modern and competitive pharmacy and put any design idea into practice. In planning the pharmacy design, we take into account space features and your needs and budget and we provide 3D charts for all execution stages.
Interior design must take into account space particularities and the needs of patients: counselling, help, access to treatment. Since patients interact with the pharmacist in the dispensing area which is the retail area, this dispensing area should catch the eye with the consistency between products, furniture and architectural and decorative items.

Each corner of the dispensing area is tailored according to the intended use and diversity of products, to the features of the furniture and to architecture.