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ICAS professional drawers Profitable solutions for pharmacies!

Drawers may account for the most important ingredient for the success of a pharmacy. This is why Ianson experts pay attention the most to storage solutions.

Unique importer and distributor of ICAS drawers
Ianson is the unique supplier in Romania of ICAS drawers, a well-recognized brand abroad which brings pharmacy furniture to a new convenience, organization and hygiene level. ICAS drawers may have transparent sides to help identify stored products and a transparent plastic or metal wire base.
ICAS drawers may have total extraction capacity – they are fitted with telescopic runners which increase storage capacity by 10% - or partial extraction capacity.

Professional metal drawers
What can you do to prevent your “safe bank products” from degrading? Ianson suggest logical storage via professional drawers:
- The nodic aluminium drawer is durable and light, resists to external factors and cannot corrode. Roller bearings made of rectified and self-lubricating rollers are nylon-coated to ensure silent opening and tight closing.
- Total extraction allows perfect access to products at the back of the drawer and a total visibility – top, down and on sides.
- Large range of separators and tag holders of various sizes, out of plastic and metal, longitudinal or central aluminium separators, existing corrosion-free and easy-to-clean ABS rack rails turn metal drawers into a technological success.
- Have three types of tops: metal wire with a special transparent design, washable LP top and high-quality Plexiglas top, along with a vast palette of accessories: homeopathy tray, retractable podium, central locks, side recipients, identification letters. The drawer cabinets may be locked for each unit separately and in a centralized manner as well.
- ICAS metal drawers are a reliable solution due to the wide range of models and sizes: 13 types of cabinets and 15 front counter models with the following sizes: 105-125-140-210-250-280 mm, and the possibility to turn a classical drawer into a double one and the reverse.
- Drawers help solve any issue of space organization and drawer integration into the new or old pharmacy furniture.
- Drawers are self-bearing independent units, not supported or not embedded.