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Pharmacy furniture Profitable solutions for pharmacies!

Ianson experts recommend metal drawers for:
- Higher storage capacity by more than 70%;
- More efficient use of the vertical storage space;;
- Easy organization of medicines due to Plexiglas separators;
- Fast inventory survey and fast management control – reducing medicine purchase cost by up to 40%;
- Reduced serving time;
- Drawer columns may fit in any type of furniture;
- Reliability.

In designing pharmaceutical furniture, Ianson combines expertise and creativity to ensure modern functionality and ergonomics and to turn the dispensing area into a place of harmonious interactions with the patient and into a proper storage and merchandising area.

What Ianson aims at is:
- To achieve modern high-tech lines by product group;
- To provide a multifunction and high capacity storage area – both horizontally and vertically;
- To arrange the furniture so as to enable intensive use of the space. Ianson pharmacies ensure 25-35% furniture occupation of the space and the self-serving area is prorated to the revenue per square meter;
- To determine the height of the furniture so that a balance is ensure between displaying large volumes of products and doing it in a way as attractive as possible. To increase visibility, the height of furniture parts in Ianson pharmacies does not usually exceed 2.5 m;
- To furnish the retail area in accordance with the main traffic ways. Ianson experts recommend a rectangular display towards the main alley at the display front;
- To slightly orient the customer by arranging furniture in straight, round or semi-circular line;
- To abide by the laws in force concerning the storage of medicines subjected to special safety requirements (venena and separanda);
- To optimize display and storage spaces inside the dispensing area in order to reduce serving time and to place extra time on patient consultation and to avoid going too often to the dispensary located at the back of the pharmacy;

- To adapt the furniture to the social and demographical status of patients. Since most pharmacies operate in narrow spaces of 55-70 square meters, Ianson distributes the furniture in such a way to store more medicines and to display various types of OTCs. The Ianson experts often suggest placing storage facilities right in the dispensing area to have high rollover medicines at hand e. Ianson executes pharmacy furniture from various materials: fibreboard, MDF, HPL, Hi-macs, Corian combined with other sundry materials: Plexiglas, forex, glass, aluminium accessories, stainless steel, polycarbonate, LED straps.